Photography is an art form that has been long integrated across many cultures. I am drawn in by captured images that surge a uniquely empowering feeling whether it is sparked by abstract, candid, nature, or street photography. Lately, I’ve been mesmerized by photographers who take shots from our natural world to either send a message or reveal a truth that allows the audience to interpret for ourselves. These people are commonly known as photojournalists. I like people who tell it like it is but in their individual style, and here are 5 of my favorites who do just that.

  1. Paul Nicklen is a marine biologist and National Geographic photographer. His job was my dream job in high school. His vision of the world, especially of the one underwater is absolutely breathtaking. His Instagram is amazing, and if you aren’t already following him you are in for a treat.
    Emperor Penguins shot from the Mario Zuchelli Base, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Penguins at Floe Edge at Terra Nova.

    “Emperor Penguins shot from the Mario Zuchelli Base, Ross Sea, Antarctica.
    Penguins at Floe Edge at Terra Nova.”

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  2.  Paolo Marchetti is an Italian political and anthropological photographer based in Rome, Italy. His photos are incredibly compelling and invoke emotions that can’t be ignored. I discovered him through his photo series ‘The Price of Vanity’, which can be found here and here – where he reveals truths about the high fashion industry.

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  3. JoAnne McArthur is an animal rights activist and photographer. She takes photographs to educate people about the food and luxury product animal farming industries through her longterm photography project ‘We Animals’.

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  4. Tamara Kenneally is an Australian photographer who has dedicated her life and work to animal welfare. With film photography as her focus, she captures images at their most rawest form.

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  5. Conrad Cramer is an adventurer and wildlife photographer. His photos are mainly of the animals inhabiting Africa and they are absolutely stunning. He is an activist for elephants to fight for their freedom from poaching and other heinous acts imposed by humans.

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