When researching for names to add to my list of shareable underwear brands, I made sure each brand followed fair-trade labor practices, had a range of cruelty-free items, and were practicing eco-friendly methods from how it is manufactured down to the fabric they used. However, please note that no one is perfect, and making an effort in the first place to contribute to ethical and eco-friendly fashion is already a big step towards change. On top of pledging to strive for conscious efforts all around, each of these brands have killer style with their own unique twist and sense of voice. Here are the lovely seven:

  1. Faelyn is designed by a lovely woman named Emily in Brooklyn, NY. Her designs have us swooning and dozing off into a dreamy place. Committed to sustainability, these undergarments are made from eco-friendly and organic cotton without harsh chemical dyes. In addition to the brand’s mission to help the environment, Faelyn is sweatshop free and cruelty-free. Definitely on the top of my list. Here is a small brand you can definitely trust.

    Copyright © Faelyn 2016

    Copyright © Faelyn 2016


  2. PACT wants to educate their customers. Their site contains informative slides that you can’t miss about the cotton industry and how impactful choosing organic and sustainable cotton is for the environmentthe farmers, and the factory workers. Lots of respect for this brand’s efforts to be completely transparent. PACT’s underwear is practical, soft, and comes in 5 different fits, each with their own array of colors and patterns to choose from.

    © 2002–2016 PACT Apparel.


  3. What started off as a passionate discussion between two friends, Laura and Rachel’s dreams of creating a minimal and locally made underwear line soon became reality with Pansy.  Located in Oakland, CA the line is now run by Laura. Every fabric item is responsibly sourced from locations in the U.S., and sewn together in San Leandro, CA. Their brand has a minimal look that any woman will love. Their lingerie also comes in a range of solid colors, from ‘Rust’ to ‘Pale Blue’.

    © PANSY 2016


  4.  Style Saint wants to be a part of the conscious effort to make changes in the fashion industry, while encouraging their customers to contribute less to environmental change. Taking strides to create ultimate awareness, with each clothing item reveals how many hours of ethical labor was paid, how many yards of sustainable fabric was used, and how many gallons of water was saved. Another thing about Style Saint is that they have created an entire clothing line made from sustainable fabrics that can be worn year-round. For all my cruelty-free babes, lucky for you their entire lingerie line (currently available) is silk-free and made from sustainable nylon fabrics.



  5. Naja was founded by Gina Rodriguez (actress from ‘Jane the Virgin’) and Catalina Girald, created by their mission to empower women. Their lingerie brand is committed to 4 main areas: to be a business that primarily employs and benefits women, Underwear for Hope program, to produce detailed and well crafted designs unique to Naja, and to always use environmentally friendly processes. Striving for eco-conscious efforts they use environmentally-friendly fabric printing to reduce water waste, and try to incorporate fabric from recycled plastic bottles in their designs as much as possible. If you’re curious for more, read more about their story here.

    ©2016 Naja


  6. Blue Canoe was started by Laurie Dunlap in San Francisco, and they’ve been making eco-conscious clothing since 1994. Each item is made in the USA from organically grown cotton, bamboo, or hemp and non-toxic sustainable dyes. Considering those who have allergies and chemical sensitivities, each of their pieces are created by using fabrics that are as pure and allergy-free as possible. Their styles represent a look that is functional, simple, and timeless.

    © 2016 Blue Canoe


  7. I discovered Mighty Good Undies on accident and was very excited to have come upon it. They’re making it a point to not only bring ethical fashion into mainstream awareness, but a common practice in the fashion industry overall. They’ve created a brand of quality items to be as affordable as possible. You get a keen sense that the founders, Hannah and Elena have an extensive knowledge of what is means to be ethical and sustainable; you can feel safe knowing this company is all about doing good for the people and the environment.Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.46.53 PM

Making the choice to wear underwear from companies that do good will literally make you feel GOOD. Knowing that your stylish and comfy underwear doesn’t include any chemical processes using toxic dyes, are made with eco-conscious fabric, while understanding that your purchase supported fairly paid workers is a wonderful thing. There is so much good and positive effect that these practices should be a definite given. Each of these brands are indubitably aware that fashion has an impact on the environment and the people. And I hope that will be the case as more ethical and conscious companies pop up, where ethical and environmentally conscious clothing is produced as commonplace.