My car rolled 8 mph, crunching over muddy gravel inching towards my two o’ clock appointment several feet ahead at end of the driveway . Upon arriving, I was greeted by a sweet dog and a smiling couple who invited the group of us into their cozy abode from the on and off rain fall. Settling on sofas and chairs among each other, our focus drew in on an introductory video playing on the television about PreetiRang Sanctuary and their mission. Two years ago,  the founders of PreetiRang gave up their comfortable Silicon Valley tech jobs to dedicate their lives to the farm animals who suffer daily from cruel confinements on animal farms.
Madhulika and Michael led us on the joyous tour ahead despite the cold wind and the sprinkling rain. We first stepped into a muddy mass where the cows gathered, as our rain boots glopped and suctioned into the wet mud with every step. “Watch your feet” was the only warning they gave as we went to meet the cows. These large animal’s steps could leave a really bad bruise on our toes if someone got unlucky. I was smiling from ear to ear as the group of cows welcomed my pats and rubs. Each of their personalities shined as we spent time with them.

Harvey is on the left and Shiva is on the right and they were inseparable the entire time, making their bond ever so apparent.

This big guy is Chester. Standing up he was 6 feet tall, and although he was the largest of the bunch, gentle giant is a suitable nickname for him.

The only one who wasn’t receiving our excessive tummy pats and head scratches, was this one. Madhulika and Michael also forewarned us that Ganesha was still building up trust to humans beings. However, he still joined the circle as he watched us and slowly inched closer among us. I was sure he was yearning for a bit of attention too, so I did sneak in a quick pat and he was quite receptive and sweet. As PreetiRang is his new home, we hope that this very place will help him let his guard down as he makes new friends, and builds a new bond with humans.


For months, Vishnu (above) roamed the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA after escaping from an Angus beef slaughterhouse.  He lived those months in fear hiding from humans who were to him, the monsters. He was eventually coaxed in by a horse ranch owner. He had to be auctioned off or returned because he was branded aka owned by the Angus cattle farm.
Arriving at PreetiRang, as soon as his trailer doors flew open he charged out in protection and fear. First confused that there was no one in his way and no men prodding him, he then made the connection after seeing the open field in front of him; Vishnu galloped back and forth across the wide field bellowing.
Madhulika receives licks and nuzzles from Tulsi and simultaneously pats attention-seeking Gandalf between his beautiful massive goat horns. Prior to starting the sanctuary, Madhulika had no knowledge of running a farm, neither did she have experience with raising farm animals. Her connection and care for these animals would fool you.
Norman runs towards us with his eyes gleaming, as he is called over for dinner time. This young cow was born with three legs on a beef cattle farm and was sentenced to death for his disability by the farm owner. The farmer’s wife, feeling that he needed to be given a chance as the problem could have resulted from incorrect breeding, convinced her husband to give him a new home instead. When cows or any farm animals are born with disadvantages, they are deemed unprofitable for farmers and are normally executed without consideration. This is a common practice in the meat business and all industries that breed and collect animals for profit whether it is meat, dairy, egg, animal skin, or animal fur.

Welcome to the hen house. Ex-game hens and ex-egg hens reside in this area.
On egg farms, hens lay up to 300 eggs a year in comparison to wild hens who lay on average 15 eggs annually. This unnatural process commonly leads to diseases such as osteoporosis resulting in early deaths, cutting their lifespan by more than half. When their egg production declines, they are gassed to death or when gassing becomes too costly, the hens are thrown away and left to suffocate as they are piled on top of each other.
These hens also have a difficult time eating as their beaks are cut off as a standard procedure for hens on egg farms. It took several tries for them to pick up the grape halves Madhulika was sprinkling in front of them.
PreetiRang sanctuary is a close-knit family of animals and people, and is going on two years old. Family friendly, this is a great place to bring your children to educate and expose them to farm animals. Or if one weekend you feel up for taking a drive, check out PreetiRang to meet some sweet and friendly animals.



“Activism is my rent for living on this planet.”  

– Alice Walker



Visit PreetiRang Sanctuary if you are ever wandering Northern California.
Located in Dixon, CA.

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