This guide was a spur of the moment decision, hence its delay. Better late than never! Plus, if you order online, most places are really great about fast shipping! So, here are some vegan & cruelty-free gift ideas for y’all!

  1. Let some sparkle into someone’s life. Light up their feet with these babies. A classic shoe with a touch that is unique to this brand. Nicora is one my favorite shoe brands. Their philosophy is amazing and the shoes they create are beautiful. All of their shoes are made from 100% vegan and sustainable material in Los Angeles factory. Fair, ethical, & environmentally friendly. They are so transparent about their brand and what they stand for, it’s refreshing. What is not to love? NICORA_CMF_002_grande
  2. For your dog lover babe. We all have that friend (or several friends, in my case), who loves her dog more than anything in the world. She can keep snug and warm this winter with this fun message that shows off her cute personality. The Tree Kisser’s tees and sweatshirts are all so super soft, you will do more than please. Also, the sweetest Christmas sweater option here.
  3. She’s bold & stylish. This bomber is so lush, timeless, and cozy yet glamorous. Your friend will be thanking you. She can pair it over that sequin dress to her holiday dinner or even just over some sweats and a thermal at home. I’ve also been wanting to talk about Miakoda because it’s a brand I have gotten to know and love. The clothes are made from 100% ethical, sustainable, and vegan sources – read about their mission here. If the bomber is outside of your budget, check out her other pieces. She focuses on comfort with her mostly lounge-wear collections, and we love that! The styles are so effortless and cute.
  4. Jewelry is for everyone. The Hungry Elephant brand is nickel-free, lead-free, and eco-friendly. Aiming to spread the awareness of compassion and kindness. It is important that if we are going to indulge in something, we are purchasing from mindful sources so we are aware of where our contributions are going. Not only do they provide you with a positive message, they have the cutest and daintiest necklaces and bracelets. The Hungry Elephant donates 2% of their sales every month to a different organization. December’s donations will go to the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation. 
  5. Wool-free Felt Hats?! For that girl who has an abundant and borderline obsessive hat collection. Or maybe, just a girl who likes to wear hats on occasion. Two vegan & cruelty-free options I found are from Vaute Couture (3-4 weeks for shipment. Oops. But you can save for a later gift! Or get one yourself. Hehe) and this Etsy store by askidas. TheCole2_1024x1024
  6. For all of the men in your life. From wool-free suits to leather-free dress shoes, Brave Gentleman‘s got the men’s fashion department down. 
  7. Beauty/ Make-up Lovers. Check out this one from Pacifica put together by Rebecca of TheMakeupEffect. Pick your friend’s shade: Warm/ Light or Natural/ Medium. Quick, before it’s sold out! If you want to make it more personal, you can of course mix and match to create your own custom set with brands of your choosing! Pick your items, put it into a pretty box and tie a ribbon around it. Ta-da!
  8. LUSH. Ok, just all things lush. Their bath bombs, shower gels, shampoos, lotions, scrubs, face+body washes, and EVEN make up. They have a mission to fight against animal testing and that makes me so happy. Not all of their products are vegan, however many of the good ones are. For your loved one who rarely pampers themselves or the one who always loves a pamper. Lush has come up with 52 vegan wrapped gift sets. Check them out here!!
  9. FOR MORE: Check out the list that I created a while back for other fabulous cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable brands and boutiques as a continued guide to your gift shopping.

Please note: All photo sources are from the brands mentioned with them. All sites are linked.

Hope this was helpful or gave you some inspiration for some cruelty-free & vegan gift giving ideas.