Luca Chiara reached out to me to send me one of their wallets and I was excited to try their brand due to their RFID safe claim. It wasn’t the first time I heard about identity scanning and stealing, so I feel safe knowing that there are options out there that can prevent this from happening. When it comes to travel, one of our top safety priorities is making sure our credit cards and identification do not get stolen. Lift some weight off your shoulders by carrying around your items in an RFID safe bag or wallet, like ones by Luca Chiara. You just have to be careful of purse snatchers. ;P

I received the RFID Red Zip Around Wallet. While I haven’t made any concrete travel plans this summer, I decided to test this wallet out and carry it around with me for a few days for everyday use. It fit all of my cards and cash comfortably, with extra room to spare. I am also the type that keeps it minimal with contents inside my wallet. On the other hand, if you are one that likes to stuff your wallets, I don’t think you will have any issues either; this wallet has 12 card slots, 2 large slots for cash on either side, a zippered coin pouch attached in the middle, and a zipper on the outside of the wallet to keep your items locked safely inside. On top of all of that, there is even a slot on both sides for anything you want to tuck in for easy access. I slid my Note 4 into one of the slots and the space was perfect and snug. So, what makes this item RFID safe? The wallet is lined with stainless steel for credit card/ATM card identity thief protection.

One of the main things I look for with brands is of course that they are cruelty-free and Luca Chiara is an entirely vegan brand. Their current campaign, ‘Did you know your wallet had a face?’ advocates for the lives of animals who are exploited in the fashion industry. Their designs are Italian inspired and made in NYC.




To try out one of your wallets, enter ‘Luca20’ at check out for 20% off any item of your choosing. Feel free to always leave comments with any questions or feedback.