It’s that time of year when people pull out their wool coats and fur lined down parkas.

I’ve seen a few people sporting their Canada Goose jackets around the streets of New York City and I can’t help but feel horrified every time. Fur and animal skin has been something that has always left me feeling uneasy. The thought of wearing the skin and fur of another animal is invasive and sickening to me. As humans we’ve evolved into compassionate and emotionally intelligent beings and I think it’s detrimental to waive these innate human behaviors. To deflect this and encourage others to dress cruelty-free, I’ve picked out a few stylish alternative pieces and brands that I’ve been eyeing – some are a bit pricey so be warned.*

*Disclaimer: As I do not support stores such as Forever21, Zara and Top Shop, their brands will be omitted from this post. If you want affordable jackets (under $100), please, please thrift! Thrifting is more creative and fun, while you get to discover unique pieces, and all at good deals. Just be sure to check the tag. If you’ve been vegan for a while, you’re already an expert.

Faux Fur

Fur on clothing is nasty. Fur on clothing is cruel. Fur does not belong on the human body. Fur is only beautiful if it is on the back of the animal it belongs. Fur is not sustainable, no matter the claims.

The Edith Coat by Shrimps


Leopard Faux Fur Coat by Urban Outfitters40220725_029_b

Fur Free Fur Dan Coat by Stella McCartney

Cropped Plush Fur Jacket by Free People
Erin Faux Fur Jacket  by Nasty Gal


Vegan Leather/ Suede

Vegan leather or suede is great for heat insulation. It’s a versatile piece that is fun for layering, and can be worn for multiple seasons.  Not to mention, everyone needs a vegan leather jacket in their closet.

Vegan Leather Jacket by BlankNYCspeaking-terms-3

Vegan Suede Jacket by James Payne

Faux Leather Moto Jacket by Free People

Wool Coat Alternatives

Wool coats for colder climates are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Bundled up in a long pea coat and wrapped in a thick knit scarf is a common appearance on the streets. Over the years, I’ve noticed that wool-free, animal-free peat coats or long coats are difficult to come by. So here, I’ve done a little extra digging for you.

The Classic Vaute Pea by Vaute
(Comes in 3 colors.)vc_081916_0322_1024x1024

Undercover Coat by Free People


Coat by BLQ Basic


Down Alternative Puffers

Duck feathers fly everywhere after a pillow fight ensued among your best friends during a sleepover. You don’t think twice about it. Bundled up in your down jacket, a feather peaks out and you pluck it. You don’t think twice about it. Feathers are hand plucked from the skin of ducks, most while they are still alive. Until their skin is red and raw, and us humans have gathered every bit. They are left without their coat. They are left to die. They are left without what belongs to them after living a life of confinement and in terror. This is purely for vanity and for means that can be resolved with the technology we have developed.

Black Marissa Coat by Stella McCartney


Women’s Packable Long Puffer Coat by Save The Duck
(comes in 6 colors)s4206w-angy3-00209-1

Certa Jacket by UNIF

Nano Puff Hoody by Patagonia
(Comes in 5 colors.)84227_blk

Alternatives to Fur/ Wool Lined Parkas

Parkas are often filled with down or the fabric is made of wool, then lined with sherpa or fur. A bit excessive? How many animals suffered to make one jacket, that is often way too overpried.

Ladies’ Long Coat by Hoodlambllhc_blk_2_1024x1024

Insulated Prairie Dawn Parka by Patagonia.

Tayga Parka by Embassy of Bricks
(Comes in 2 colors.)tayga-parka-night-01-1

I hope this was helpful and encouraging to all of you to continue choosing cruelty-free. I understand the price tag is a bit steep on most of these, so I am going to keep that in mind for next time when I try to search for more options that are affordable (under $100) that follow sustainable and ethical practices. Also, please consider that a winter coat should be timeless and something that you can grab daily so an investment piece might be worth it. I did include some items from brands (Urban Outfitters & Free People) that are questionable in the area of ethics and sustainability, failing to be transparent about their environmental and social conditions with how they produce their clothes. So, I did think about this when I included them. We can only hope that there will be more companies who will join up on including practices to support ethical and sustainable fashion, so that it can eventually come to be a more common sight.

This was a post mainly to prove that there are in fact alternatives to cruelly made fashion items. This idea that animal skin and fur are necessary for warmth is archaic and runs excessively rampant. We are not entitled to their bodies and their lives. It’s absolutely an inhumane and selfish act by humans to claim, trap, and breed living beings for vanity. There is no other way to put it because it’s unreasonable and evil.

Thanks so much for always being a supporter of my blog and for being a part of the vegan movement and the environmental cause.