Draped In Navy

Draped In Navy


Hello, it’s been a while. If I’m going to be completely honest, the infrequent blog posts are due to my hectic mental state. Sometimes life makes you more than blue; it’s more of a deeper, darker color – perhaps we’ll say like a navy. My outfit photos are of course always unplanned and on a whim so that adds to the inconsistency. I am a moody person and a lot of what I do is based on how I am feeling at the moment, so I’m sure you can only imagine how stressful that can be. Healing comes with time while practicing self-love, and I am making an effort to be better. Thank you to those who have stuck around and have been patiently cruising along with me on this blogging journey. I really, truly appreciate it. I hope with each post, no matter how rare, it inspires you to make more conscious decisions.



This photo shoot was empowering. A quick one, but that’s all it takes. I was barefoot. I was bra-less. The entire time I tried to be mindful while channeling self-care, albeit struggling lately with my body image among other insecurities. My boyfriend is my biggest supporter and it shows through how he captures me, every time. No matter how I’m feeling, he manages to snap a shot that captures me beautifully – a reflection of unconditionally how he sees me. I am so grateful to have someone in my life who encourages me to be better an stronger, despite my downs and my rocky moods. Body image issues come in waves, and affects me most when I’m at my most vulnerable states. However, learning to be confident in front of the camera (because it hasn’t always been this way) has truly helped me be more self-accepting and comfortable in my own skin.



Now, on to this simple, yet bold outfit. I purchased this dress VERY recently from Reformation’s sale, which is STILL going on! I’ve just been really wanting a dress – I have no other reason or need. This one in particular is flow-y and comfortable, yet elegant, which is exactly the type of dress I go for. If you’re itching to buy something new, it is important to get into the habit of purchasing from ethical and eco-friendly companies. Check out ‘The True Cost,’ the documentary to learn more. Feel free to also research fashion waste and the fashion industry’s corruption. This dress is called the ‘Naya Dress,’ and it is made with Ecoballet fabric which is 92% micro tencel and 8% spandex. All of Reformation’s clothes are made in an ethical factory. Then the other piece to my outfit is this gold statement choker by Soko. Their stunning pieces are handmade by artisan entrepreneurs with recycled brass. Please note that they are not a fully vegan company and some of their pieces do include reclaimed cow horn and bone. Make sure to double check each piece.

Typically, my outfits are simple because I like to let each piece stand out. It is important to me that every bit of my outfit signifies something to me or helps me feel good because we all know how much feeling great in an outfit can change our mood. Although, I guess you could say I’m just extra sentimental. I’m all about simplicity as long as it allows the intricacies shine.

Each of you are aware of what works for you in regards to your shopping habits and your personal style, then from here all it takes is a few extra steps to be conscious of the impacts these decisions have. You can most definitely still dress mindfully for the planet, the people, and the animals.


Photography by Neivy // Instagram: @neivy


Details*: Reformation Naya Dress (Sold Out – but they have a SALE!) || Soko Luxe Collar Necklace

*100% Vegan. 100% Cruelty-free.




Vegan Eats – NYC (New York City) Edition

☆ All the vegan-friendly restaurants and food spots in New York City. ☆


Manhattan, NY

  • Urban Vegan Kitchen
  • Blossom
  • Blossom du Jour
  • Double Zero 
  • Jajaja NYC
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Ladybird
  • Cienfuegos
  • Delice & Sarrasin
  • Terri
  • Hangawi
  • Franchia Vegan Cafe
  • Kajitsu
  • Beyond Sushi (Multiple Locations)
  • Orchard Grocer
  • May Kaidee NYC
  • Sun In Bloom
  • Candle 79
  • The Original Buddha Bodai
  • Nix (vegetarian, vegan options  + upon request)
  • Caravan of Dreams
  • Avant Garden
  • Seasoned Vegan
  • Peacefood Cafe
  • La Botaniste
  • Vita
  • Pocion Lounge 
  • Cinnamon Snail
  • Chickpea and Olive (Food truck/ pop-ups)
  • Yeah Dawg (Pop-ups)
  • Superiority Burger (vegetarian, vegan options  + upon request)
  • Butcher’s Daughter (vegetarian, vegan options + upon request) – one of my favorites!
  • Dirt Candy (vegetarian, vegan option + upon request)
  • Van Leeuwen (vegan ice cream!)

Non-vegan places w/ vegan options worth trying…

  • Ess-a-Bagel – tofu cream cheese (vegan) with bagels! can’t forget about bagels!
  • La Pala – vegan pizza options
  • Bare Burger – veggie burger options + they have Impossible Foods!


Brooklyn, NY

  • Champs – An entirely vegan diner.
  • Dunwell Donuts (Location in Manhattan, too.)
  • Screamers – NY style vegan pizza!
  • Bunna Cafe
  • Haymaker’s Corner Store
  • Riverdel
  • Brine & Dine
  • Modern Love Brooklyn
  • Clementine Bakery
  • Toadstyle
  • Little Choc Apothecary 
  • Vegetarian Ginger 
  • Pine Box Rock Shop (bar)
  • Bar Velo
  • LuAnne’s Wild Ginger (Multiple Locations)

Non-vegan places w/ vegan options worth trying…

  • Samurai Papa – Vegan ramen + other things
  • Little Mo’s – Vegan pho + other things
  • Momo Sushi Shack – Many vegan options including: appetizers, sushi rolls, and even curry.
  • Perelandra Natural Food Center (BK Heights) – Vegetarian grocery store includes a juice and breakfast bar in the back with MANY vegan options.

More non-vegan places with vegan options worth trying… Coming Soon.



*Running list. Continuously updating.*
Let me know if you have any suggestions! 🙂

Separate articles + reviews coming soon.

Vegan Eats – Bay Area Edition

☆ All the vegan-friendly restaurants and food spots in the Bay Area. ☆


San Francisco, CA

  • Shizen Sushi Bar & Izakaya
  • Gracias Madre
  • Seed + Salt
  • Vegan Burg
  • Cha-Ya
  • Thai Idea
  • Judahlicious
  • Vegan Picnic
  • Golden Era
  • Indochine Vegan
  • Nourish Cafe
  • Peña Pachamama
  • The Flying Falafel
  • Ananda Fuara (vegetarian, vegan options + upon request)
  • Greens (vegetarian, vegan options + upon request)
  • Hella Vegan Eats (Food truck)
  • No No Burger (Food truck)
  • Loving Hut is always an option although not my favorite.

Non-vegan places w/ vegan options worth trying…

  • Soul Groove – Vegan Chicken & Waffles
  • St. Francis Fountain – Vegan brunch options!
  • Mission Pie – Yummiest vegan pie.
  • Ike’s Place – Lots of vegan sandwich options
  • Dinosaurs (Vietnamese) – Vegan banh mi


Oakland, CA/ Berkeley, CA

  • Millennium
  • Timeless
  • Souley Vegan
  • Shangri-La
  • Flacos Tacos
  • Butcher’s Son
  • Pepples Donut Farm
  • Cinnaholic
  • Souley Vegan
  • Cafe Gratitude
  • Herbivore
  • Sanctuary Bistro
  • Two Mammas’ Vegan Kitchen
  • Saturn Cafe (vegetarian, vegan options + upon request)

Non-vegan places w/ vegan options worth trying…

  • Homeroom – Vegan mac & cheese!
  • Zachary’s Chicago Pizza – Deep dish pizza with vegan cheese
  • Cholita Linda – Tofu Tacos, skip the baja crema
  • CREAM – vegan ice cream, cookies for vegan ice cream sandwiches. (with locations in the South Bay)


South Bay Area (Mountain View, Palo Alto, mostly San Jose)

  • Veggie Grill (Multiple locations)
  • Good Karma
  • Happy Hooligans
  • Happiness Cafe
  • Vegetarian House
  • Tofoo Com Chay
  • Golden Bamboo
  • Garden Fresh Chinese Vegan
  • Merit Vegetarian (not my favorite, but an option)
  • Green Barn (not my favorite, but an option)
  • Mint and Basil (vegetarian, vegan options + upon request)

Non-vegan places w/ vegan options worth trying…

  • Oren’s Hummus
  • LYFE Kitchen

*Running list. Continuously updating.*
Let me know if you have any suggestions! 🙂

Separate articles + reviews coming in the near future.
My awesomely talented friend Brian over at Goodlife Cookin’ just started a review of  Vegan/Vegan-friendly Eateries in San Francisco, CA.

The Roads Fade Into Summer

The Roads Fade Into Summer


At this point we’ve finally peeled away those layers worn into the very beginning of summer, proving the uncertainty of this spring’s weather pattern. It’s hot as hell now, and the uncomfortably hot, humid east coast summer weather is finally here to stay. During the time of these photos, it was well into the spring months teetering between hot heat and 60 degree weather – an odd time for fashion decisions. Wrap skirts are ideal for shaky weather patterns. When it comes to heat resistance they are a great idea for letting in a nice breeze, yet long enough to protect from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Go for a light fabric such as polyester, viscose or light cotton. I found mine at my local vintage shop down the block for 8 bucks! What a steal. Walk into a thrift or consignment store of your choosing and do some digging! Sift through hangers and rifle through bins with an open mind and you never know what treasures you’ll find.

// TIP: Remember to slather that sunblock on your face and body. You should be adding this step to you face routine in the morning EVERYDAY – not just in the summer, but ALL-year round. Your face is exposed to the sun 365-days a year, and not to mention it hosts the most gentle and sensitive skin cells on your body. Enough of that random spiel/ lecture on skincare, but hopefully that encouraged some action on self-care. //



Nature inspires me most, therefore naturally my photos end up amongst forests or fields I happen upon through adventures with my partner in crime, Neivy, who photographs my beautiful images. Green is my favorite color and summer is the best time to see the most of green scenery.

This day we stopped by the side of the road to take photos near the woods, then drove further on and came upon fenced off marsh land surrounded by fields of grass. We pulled over to the side of the road to capture it, and enjoyed our time there.

At day’s end, we visited the local beach near Neivy’s house and caught the beautiful sunset that lit up the skies red and orange. My favorite days are those tranquil ones spent frolicking through and appreciating the beauty this Earth holds.



*** Please be mindful of our Earth by implementing daily habits that vitalizes sustainability and our planet’s healing. Start out with the small stuff: carry reusable water bottles, say no to straws and plastic utensils, cut out meat and dairy a few times a week, and shop second-hand more often. ***


// Items I use:

  • Reusable water bottle, here.
  • Reusable utensils, here.
  • Glass straws, here. //


Captured by Neivy (Instagram)/ Edited by Yours Truly


Details*: UNIF Cropped Vegan Leather Jacket|| Black Off the Shoulder Bodysuit || Thrifted Floral Wrap Skirt || Nude Vegan Thin Strap Heels || Chokers: Etsy and Bijoux Indiscrets

*100% Vegan. 100% Cruelty-free.




O Lena, Lena…

O Lena, Lena…

Lena, where have you been all my life? In my humble opinion, period cups are the best invention since sliced bread. For us ladies, at least. Although admittedly, I was one of those skeptics when I first heard about them. Is it messy? Will it be painful? What if it gets stuck, and I can’t take it out? However, once I took the plunge, all those worries washed away, and NOW – I can’t live without them. Period cups, specifically Lena Cups have officially been established as part of my monthly routine, every time Aunt Flo comes to visit.

WHY? How did I end up trying something I had previously been hesitant about? Two Words: Climate Change. Pollution caused by waste is a huge contributing factor to climate change and essentially the destruction of our planet. The more we throw trash at our home, the less it will become a safe and healthy place for us and other species to reside in. That was the push for me. I’ve been working my way towards a waste-free lifestyle and period cups are vital when it comes to eco-friendly living, as the recurring use of these feminine hygiene products contribute intensively to waste production.  And indeed, that could be said about a lot of things. Zero waste, no chemical-ridden cotton and no unwanted spillage – period cups are the way to go. When researching period cups, I wanted to choose one that was ethical and safe. Lena Cup is made in the USA, vegetable dyed and FDA approved. That means it is an ethical company using no nasty chemical dyes on their products, with no labels of unknown ”imported” manufacturers.

THE EXPERIENCE. I was able to try the 2-pack of the small and large, and the sensitive cup. On the first day of my period, I tried the Small Cup to get acquainted with period cups as it was my first time. I gave it a rinse with warm water using a mild, allergen-free, natural and vegan soap. Then I flattened it, folded it in half and inserted it until the bottom was at the opening of my vagina. It suctions into your vagina and will reform itself to catch all your blood. And yes, I even have it in when I sleep. I would say that there can be leaks, and I’ve stained my underwear a few times so I’d suggest wearing a liner when your flow is heavy. Also, it could just be needing to make sure it’s suctioned in fittingly. After noticing the leakage, I did switch over to the large cup and that definitely solved the problem for me. With the period cups, you’re able to wear it up to 12 hours – amazing. However, the longest I’ve worn it was 8 hours (at night until morning). When I’m out and about, I was changing it every 4 hours. When I did this, I noticed that the period cup was only filled up halfway, at most. I wear the Large Cup at the start of my period when I have a heavier flow, and once I see that cup barely filled up at 4 hours, I switch to Small. During a period cup emptying or switching, I rinse it and insert it back in. Instantly, I feel refreshed and clean again. If you do not have access to a private bathroom or stall with a sink, rinsing it will obviously be an issue. I suggest purchasing a second and bringing it around with you, or just opt for the 2-pack. Lena Cup gives you a small pouch to keep your period cup sanitary. Comfortability factor, I’d give it a generous 8/10. That’s pretty above and beyond, considering having anything up there shouldn’t be comfortable. And I haven’t even talked about the Sensitive Cup. This one feels a lot more gentle and soft, not significantly but enough for one to notice. For those of you who are uncertain and nervous, I’d start with the Sensitive Cup. I used this one when I was feeling sensitive “down there,” hence the name. We all undoubtedly have those days where we don’t want to deal with anything. The sensitive one is great for that, but also not necessary since the regular cups are already excellent. I’ve used it three months in a row, and I can confidently say I will never go back to pads and tampons.

STILL NOT CONVINCED? If you’re unsure about it because you have never even inserted anything into your vaginal canal, think about how miserable you are when your period rolls around. On top of dealing with moodiness, fatigue and period cramps (if you are one of the unlucky ones), you have to put up with a mess in your underwear, consistently for 3-7 days. Not going to get too graphic or descriptive because all you pad-wearing ladies know what I’m talking about. If you are strictly a pad lady for any other reason besides a fear of sticking something in your vagina (such as religious reasons), I understand, and this may not be the thing for you. Another huge plus I can’t forget to mention, is that you never have to buy a box of tampons and pads, ever again!

With that all being said, I highly recommend period cups. I have linked the period cups I talked about at the bottom of this post, and I suggest you give them a try. They’re currently on sale right now! ☺️

I think I pretty much covered everything, but if I’ve missed something you are curious about – definitely send me an e-mail or a DM on Instagram, and we can chat.

Pictured: 2-Pack Small & Large / Sensitive Cup


*Not Sponsored.