James Yurichuk, CFL Lineman created a winter coat line that is fur-free and feather-free sparked by his desire to challenge Canada’s long time association of fur as the warmest winter-wear. Walking through the streets of Toronto, Canada, he was tired of seeing fur as a common thread to winter fashion. Being someone raised to love and respect wildlife, James wanted the future to be a safe place for the animals exploited day after day. “Anything that can spare the life of the animal is a good thing to me. We feel like we are saving a lot of animal lives by creating these animal free jackets,” says James.

Taking on his newest project, Mammoth, while balancing his football career and two boys at home is no easy task. “It takes a lot of discipline and hard work. Sometimes you have to put in 16 hours days, with half football, half Mammoth go to sleep and do it all over again the next day,” says James. However, his determination and drive led him to invent a winter wear line to prove a warm winter without fur and feathers. Mammoth Outerwear was created with his passion behind it and with a bigger mission in mind. The brand’s message boldly expresses a strong aspiration to change the common notion of fur necessary for warmth through the winter. James tells, “There has been a movement in Canada that is calling for the end of fur trade, but it is often shoved aside from the mainstream because it is a large money generator and large corporations have a way of controlling these things. We are rallying these people in the #MammothMovement and they have been our main supporters thus far!” Mammoth was launched through Kickstarter where jackets were made available to purchase with a charitable pledge made to further their cause. Ten dollars from each jacket purchased is donated to the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals.


James explains how the name of the brand came about and it is incredibly well suited. “We thought Mammoth was an appropriate name because it was the animal scientists believed went extinct from over hunting. We thought this might be a subtle reminder that we must respect the animals we share the planet with. Also Mammoth is a majestic being that stayed really warm in the winter and that’s pretty cool too!”

When I asked what separates Mammoth from all the other winter outerwear brands, he replied, “Mammoth is a new school of outerwear. We use the best technology which outperforms feathers and fur to keep our customers warm.” On top of being animal-free, this jacket is marketed as functional and fashionable. With a chic and retro look, the jacket is made with a waterproof outer shell and a lightweight Primaloft insulation.


Introducing Mammoth will give those who think warmth can’t be obtained without the exploitation of animals, a fresh perspective. Believe it, Mammoth is a high-quality outerwear that is more than sufficient for harsh winters while being entirely animal-free. Our fellow eco-conscious friends are in for a treat with Mammoth and the future it holds for fur-free outerwear.

“I hope that people will start to realize fur is the fashion of yesteryear, and these animals can enjoy life without human interference,” James says. Let’s join James in the #MammothMovement and go animal-free this winter.

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