A few days ago, I bounced around San Francisco in ripped denim and a cozy sweater – my go-to look for extra comfort. Before heading to dinner around the area, we caught the gorgeous sunset.

The burst of colors that vibrantly bleed across the dimming sky relays an instant release of calming emotions. Also an indication that darkness will fall, this is the time for me when inspiration cascades and an overwhelming flow of ideas fill up my head. Sunsets are the beginning of that.

Night Owl

Sunsets and dusk, represent to me a stillness before dark. The end of our busy days transpire with the early stages of a sky to be painted in darkness. We stall the beauty of our thoughts, waiting and meditating until night-time settles.

Djuna Shay is a brand run by an innovative and driven mother-daughter duo that specializes in creating textile designs for vegan clothing. Together, they hope to make waves in the fashion industry to promote change through beautiful artwork displayed on cruelty-free clothes.

As a part of their brand, they created a collection called, ‘The Lonely One’s’ Club, with each design to support a cause that advodates for different endangered species.

Poached for their horns, Javan rhinos are the most threatened out of the five Rhino species. Sixty of them remain at Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia. For the Javan rhinos, Djuna Shay created this ‘Not Your Horn’ sweater to bring awareness and provide donations to fight for their survival.

15% of the proceeds from this sweater will go to the International Rhino Foundation. Visit Djuna Shay to purchase and support.