When I first started my blog, each outfit included different clothing items with little to no repeat pieces. I wanted to keep it fresh and inspire a unique style that was reflective of what I wore daily and expressive of who I am overall. The latter notion has not changed, however sometime halfway through this blogging journey my overflowing closet was making me realize I was buying way too much while always feeling like I had nothing to wear, insinuating loud and clear that I had a shopping problem. Around the same time, I started learning about the issues that our environment faces due to fashion waste and pollution. I suggest you check out ‘True Cost’ an incredibly informative and thought provoking documentary about the effects that fast fashion and the fashion industry overall have on pollution and human rights. Since then, I have been shopping less and less for the reason that I wished to downsize and minimize for a less crowded closet to make way for mindful consumerism and to help with reducing the anxiety levels. I’ve wrote about this previously, and you could read more about it here and here. To explain the lack of posts: I became accustomed to relying on the high from buying and styling new clothes that suddenly when it came to my shrinking then static wardrobe, I felt unmotivated and at a loss; I also didn’t think that people would find my outfits with repeat items at all interesting. This past year, I made an effort to work on motivating myself when it came to sharing my clothes despite not having a closet that constantly produced new clothes. Over the past year, I have filtered out a lot of the clothes that I do not absolutely love. It was difficult for someone like me as I take waste very seriously – I was not trying to throw anything away. I sold and donated a lot of what I could, then found clothing recycling centers for older unwearable clothes.

In order to contain the personal element and authenticity that is my blog, I’m going to share my personal style journey of curating a closet that brews inspiration from combining the pieces I already have. Stay tuned to get closely acquainted with my closet.


Photos courtesy of Neivy.

Three repeat items via this outfit are my boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes, a faux shearling aviator style jacket from ASOS, and my trusty bag from Matt & Nat.



Details*: ASOS Jacket (yes it’s 100% polyester) – options here, here and here || Sweater from Korea || American Apparel Pants || Will’s Vegan Shoes Boots || Matt & Nat Purse (I have an old version).

*100% Vegan. 100% Cruelty-free.