I grew up in Northern California, where Redwood trees grow in every corner. In national parks around the area, the experience is full on; you will find a serene and beautiful site with endless green scenery as you breathe in fresh mountain air. Often we take for granted our home, and as I am about to leave the place I grew up in, I am beginning to reminisce the wonderment it has to offer – a region renowned for its promising nature scenes.


My entire outfit is made up of pieces that are old, thrifted, or from ethical companies. This year, I’ve made a commitment to rid of my careless shopping habit by solely purchasing pieces I know I will wear multiple times, while selecting a majority from ethical and sustainable brands.

It is definitely fall, but here in Northern California the weather never quite goes below 50 degrees for the most part. This particular day, the weather was in the 70’s therefore I was able to get away with wearing these thrifted high-waisted shorts. I paired them with this lovely ‘Moon Phases Peyton’ top by Synergy Clothing.*

This brand has been around for nearly two decades, built on their dedication to create ethical and sustainable clothing. Being environmentally and ethically conscious is an automatic sell in my book. Through the founder, Kate’s travel journeys to Nepal and India, she was able to connect with the very people who were making and sewing clothes for a living. Most of these women were at these jobs barely making ends meet, with no other options to make a sustainable living. Big businesses who outsource their products, give little thought to the lives of these workers, which can lead to uncomfortable and often times dire circumstances for them. It was here, very early on where she realized how important it was, and how much of an impact it had to provide a specific attentiveness to the workers who would go on to create clothes for Synergy Clothing. This set the foundation for her brand to be one that is thoughtful of each step and process of creating a clothing line with the planet and the people in mind.

*Please note that they aren’t vegan as they carry some wool pieces. However, a majority of their clothing is made from organic, responsibly sourced cotton. 🙂


Details*: Synergy Top || BHAVA Belt || PACT Knee Socks ||Urban Outfitters Maxi Cardigan (old) || Thrifted Denim Shorts || Urban Outfitters Booties (old)

*All vegan. 100% cruelty-free.