My boyfriend called the above photo the Charlie’s Angels’ pose. Is there room for a fourth member? Just kidding.

I am here to talk about my transition into sustainable vegan fashion. Yes, that’s a thing. On top of being cruelty-free, I’m taking the extra step and making efforts to be eco-friendly and more sustainable. If you read my blog post titled So Much Stuff, you’ll have received a glimpse of what is to come on my blog. You may think maintaining a vegan wardrobe is tiresome, a lot of work, and restrictive enough. Let me just say, I do it for the animals and the environment. I have a purpose for what I do and I would much rather live my truth than go on being ignorant and oblivious. I want to live consciously and I want to live knowing what I am paying for. That is why choosing eco-friendly and sustainability is necessary for a conscious lifestyle. I want to be ethical in all aspects of fashion: for all the animals, and the humans included.

For future additions to my closet, I will be choosing from eco-friendly and conscious brands while continuing to shop second-hand. With the “fast fashion” items that may or may not be presented in future blog posts – they will all be pieces I’ve bought previous to making this change.

In this outfit post, I’ve paired two of my favorite pieces from my closet. It’s much colder somewhere else, but here in California this outfit is more than appropriate.

These shoes are the ‘Be mine’ booties by Lilo Encinas. You can find them here. Lilo Encinas is a jewelry and shoe designer based in Los Angeles. ALL of her shoes are vegan!

The turtleneck dress I am wearing is from one of my favorite places to shop called Reformation. While it was the brand’s style that caught my attention, their mission and what they stand for is incredible and keeps me going back for more. They use sustainable and recycled fabrics, create fits that will work for many body types, and also produce in an eco-friendly factory. There is much more where this comes from. Read about it here!

Thanks so much for reading. Happy New Year!!