Animals are not ours. If we felt what the tortured and slaughtered farm animals felt, every time we went to indulge in hamburgers, wings, and even ice cream, we would rethink our daily choices. Then there is the entire side of fashion, where animals are bred solely for their skin and fur. They suffer just so we can carry around our leather hand bags and wear our fur coats. All purely for vanity. Maybe compassion and empathy are learned rather than in our nature, but even then I say a large part of what makes us human is our ability to have complex emotions. We have the capacity to decide if something is “right” based on these emotions. Being conscious of your daily choices for the animals is understanding that their lives are valuable, too. The awareness and recognition of consent is crucial, because how we feel about it towards humans is correlated with how we might treat animals, and vice versa. No one wants to live a life with limitations, confinement, and fear.

Check out ‘The Meaning and Importance of Consent – for People and Animals‘, it’s an informative and enlightening article written by Dr. Hope Ferdowsian.


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