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A Vegan, Korean Lunar New Year (A Collab with Plant Crush)

새해 복 많이 받으세요! Happy Lunar New Year! The Lunar New Year, more popularly known as the Chinese New Year is celebrated across many East and South East Asian countries. Referred to as Sul Nal (설날) in Korean, it is one of the major holidays of the year in South Korea. It is...

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Behind the Brand: Synergy Clothing

In November of 1993, Kate set off on a journey to Nepal and India taking a break from college to do a bit of soul searching. During her trip she immersed herself in the cultures, and while doing so she curated accessories made by the local artisans she got to know....

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Working Sustainable Fashion

  Nowadays there is a surplus of fashion brands for consumers to choose from, especially with the international market and social media constantly presenting them to us. Most people would assume this makes shopping easier as fashion has become more accessible with...

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For The Rhinos

A few days ago, I bounced around San Francisco in ripped denim and a cozy sweater - my go-to look for extra comfort. Before heading to dinner around the area, we caught the gorgeous sunset. The burst of colors that vibrantly bleed across the dimming sky relays an...

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Into the Redwoods

I grew up in Northern California, where Redwood trees grow in every corner. In national parks around the area, the experience is full on; you will find a serene and beautiful site with endless green scenery as you breathe in fresh mountain air. Often we take for...

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My Fall Uniform

Most days of the week I keep it simple because it's more time and thought I can give myself for other important things throughout my day. With today's post, I would say each piece that makes up my outfit can be a staple in most people's wardrobe: a white button down...

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