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Animal-friendly Winter Coat Wishlist 2016

It's that time of year when people pull out their wool coats and fur lined down parkas. I've seen a few people sporting their Canada Goose jackets around the streets of New York City and I can't help but feel horrified every time. Fur and animal skin has been...

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Fall Weekend In Connecticut

Last weekend I visited Connecticut, and hopped around to a few cities there. It was incredibly beautiful and I was able to fully experience the east coast fall. The air was crisp, and the cool temperature was definitely not what I am used to for fall weather. Don't...

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A Wallet for Your Summer Travels ft. Luca Chiara

Luca Chiara reached out to me to send me one of their wallets and I was excited to try their brand due to their RFID safe claim. It wasn't the first time I heard about identity scanning and stealing, so I feel safe knowing that there are options out there that can...

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Knee Highs & Not Yours

Animals are not ours. If we felt what the tortured and slaughtered farm animals felt, every time we went to indulge in hamburgers, wings, and even ice cream, we would rethink our daily choices. Then there is the entire side of fashion, where animals are bred solely...

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A Day At PreetiRang Sanctuary

My car rolled 8 mph, crunching over muddy gravel inching towards my two o' clock appointment several feet ahead at end of the driveway . Upon arriving, I was greeted by a sweet dog and a smiling couple who invited the group of us into their cozy abode from the on and...

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