In November of 1993, Kate set off on a journey to Nepal and India taking a break from college to do a bit of soul searching. During her trip she immersed herself in the cultures, and while doing so she curated accessories made by the local artisans she got to know. Her plan was to sell at various marketplaces and shops set-up outside of rock shows of her favorite bands such as Phish and The Grateful Dead. At a Phish show, she met Henry her to be husband and business partner of Synergy Clothing who was at the time working for an environmental non-profit organization. Kate’s intended 8-month college leave turned into a 5 year exploration going back between traveling and returning to the states to re-sell accessories, leading to the birth of Synergy clothing.

Kate is wearing the ‘Heathered Stripe Cowl Neck Tunic‘ in Dove Grey.

A natural drive for entrepreneurialism, Kate started her first business selling ice cream in high school. With a constant itch to create and build something new, her self-starter spirit is well ingrained in her. Even while she was taking on college courses after she returned from her hiatus, Kate was managing her small basement business in between classes which would become the Synergy Clothing we know and adore today. At the time she was selling hand-made embroidered clothing crafted by artisans in Nepal. A business that started from selling ready-made clothes evolved into an endeavor to create uniquely designed clothing by Kate herself. Her earliest designs came from turning recycled Sari fabric from an Indian marketplace into Western style clothing. To this day Kate is the sole creative vision behind Synergy Clothing. She draws inspiration for her designs from overseas, rock ‘n’ roll shows, urban street culture and a classical New York City style that is more innate to her, having grown up in the Big Apple.

Synergy organically grew into a brand that encompassed what she values personally by implementing sustainable practices and ethics. The businesses of fast fashion has grown exponentially in the past decade, but Synergy is not a brand that caters to it. Having built strong personal heart-to-heart relationships with the women who make the clothes, fair working conditions and wages are embedded values of Synergy from its very start. With every opportunity, Synergy gives back to support women’s rights in Nepal. Visit their site to check out all the charities they donate to. Also driven by an environmentally conscious mindset, all the brand’s clothes are made from recycled fabrics or organic cotton.

The dynamic duo behind Synergy include Kate as the Creative Director and Henry as the CEO/ CFO. Kate’s story and vision that built Synergy, and Henry’s passion to help drive something much bigger for the company, harmoniously worked to grow Synergy into the brand it is today.

Next month on February 1st, Synergy will be entering Whole Foods all over the U.S. and Ontario, taking over the clothing basics program.*

*Please note that not all their clothes are vegan as they do carry items made from recycled wool.