Vegan, Ethical & Sustainable Brand List

Clothing Brands & Designers


  1. Cult of Coquette
  2. BHAVA
  3. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather
  4. Nicora Johns
  5. Sydney Brown
  6. Borgeous Boheme
  7. Lilo Encinas
  8. Insecta Shoes
  9. Avesu Shoes
  10. Beyond Skin
  11. Nak Fashion
  12. Melissa
  13. Wills London
  14. Bahatika
  15. Nae Vegan Shoes
  16. Susi Studio
  17. Matt & Nat
  18. By Blanch
  19. Bahatika
  20. Veerah
  21. Novacas


Clothes & Things

  1. Vaute Couture
  2. Delikate Rayne
  3. Miakoda
  4. Djuna Shay
  5. LaBante London
  6. Cri De Coeur
  7. Cornelia Guest
  8. Della LA
  9. Stella McCartney
  10. Brave Gentlemen
  11. Save The Duck
  12. Mammoth Outerwear
  13. Sandra Meynier Kang
  14. Everlane (Conscious, not 100%  vegan)
  15. The Reformation (Conscious, not 100%  vegan)
  16. People Tree UK  (Conscious, not 100%  vegan)
  17. Threads For Thought
  18. Tripty (Conscious, not 100%  vegan)
  19. Hemp Hoodlamb
  20. Synergy Clothing (Conscious, not 100% vegan)

Companies w/ ‘A Bold Message’ on your T-shirt 



Magazines & Online Publications





Everything is vegan & cruelty-free unless otherwise noted. The companies I have included that are not vegan are conscious brands that go by ethical and eco-friendly practices.

This list is compiled by yours truly. I had this running list in my notebook to keep track of all of the vegan & cruelty-free destinations. I thought why not share it with everyone! As a more refined and polished compilation from the one scribbled in my notebook — it is now accessible as one click away through my blog! I will keep adding to it as I discover more and I hope it serves as a reference or a guide to all of you. 🙂